Dark Light
Life is an awakening that keeps happening, and so the characters of this story are forced to open their eyes to reality.

In an instant, his perspective changed and life returned to reality. To his surprise, Orlando was holding himself from someone’s back. But… who is this person? he wondered noticing that the two of them traveled at high speeds.

“It was about time you regained consciousness,” Margareth said.

“Where are we?” he asked… “who are you?”

He’s still asleep, Margareth thought and sped up her motorcycle. The two of them traveled at high speeds down a thin path next to a cliff—any wrong move and they would both be falling into an abyss that seemed endless.

Orlando held on tight when he looked to his side, vertigo took over him. “Could you slow down?” he asked, but his plea wasn’t heard.

Margareth continued to accelerate as if her life depended on it, traveling really fast on the narrow path on the side of the cliff. “We’ll be there soon,” she finally said.

The motorcycle passed between two huge rocks, leaving the terrifying road behind. Orlando felt a little calmer. Although the speed at which they were traveling still kept him altered. In the distance one could see a bridge over a canyon. They now traveled on a thin dirt road in the middle of an immense green meadow… suddenly a huge chunk of earth rose up in front of them.

Orlando was unable to hold on and was thrown off the motorcycle, flying for an instant before falling into some bushes. Then, regaining consciousness, he got up to examine the situation… impossible.

About twenty feet away, the woman he was riding with was floating. A circle of yellow light completely surrounded her… her hands covered by smaller spheres of light. She turned her face to see if Orlando was okay.

Orlando couldn’t remember the woman—he couldn’t remember anything. His mind tried to make sense of what was happening, when…

A beam of black lighting hit the sphere surrounding Margareth. Immediately, she fell to the ground and Orlando noticed that a man in a black coat began to walk in his direction. No, wait, Orlando thought before turning to flee.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Vincent said, raising his hands.

Orlando chasked with the stone wall that rose in front of him. “Wait… you’ve got the wrong guy,” he said… his voice too low for the man on the black coat to hear.

“So this is the chosen one people praise so much,” Vincent said, walking towards him.

“You’re wrong,” said Orlando, “I shouldn’t be here. There must be a mistake.”

“What kind of hero is this?” Vincent asked as he turned to see the unconscious woman on the floor.

“Take anything you want,” Orlando said.

“All I want is your life…” Vincent said and a black bolt of light came out of his hand.

Orlando closed his eyes, sure it would be the end of him. To his surprise, the same yellow light that he saw around the woman now surrounded him.

“You must trust your instincts,” he heard within the sphere with Margareth’s voice, before it disappeared.

Instincts… instincts… Orlando thought unable to understand.

“…I see you have hidden surprises,” Vincent said. “I like that!”

“It wasn’t my intention,” Orlando said, leaning against the stone wall.

“Let’s do this quickly,” Vincent said, “What do you say?”

“WAIT,” Margareth yelled and released a beam of light from her hand.

Vincent deflected the beam with ease.

Orlando looked at the woman he traveled with on the ground. Why is she trying to defend me, he thought. If I die it’ll be on my own terms.

Vincent watched Orlando run towards him. “Don’t you see it’s useless,” he said and shot out a black bolt.

Orlando was not able to react receiving the blow to his chest and falling backwards

“We better get it over with,” Vincent said.

Orlando got up again, holding his chest with one hand, noticing that the lightning left a black mark on him. Then, he watched the man in the black coat begin to form a black circle between his hands.

Vincent looked forward, focusing all of his power on the circle of balck lighting forming in front of him. His gaze fixed on the person he came to assassinate, concentrating on the mission he had to accomplish. For an instant, he looked towards Margareth’s direction—she didn’t seem ready to intervene. Staring back at his target, Vincent let go of the ball of darkness that seemed to flash.

Orlando was surprised to see the black flame flying towards him. Time seemed to stop, as he closed his eyes and extended his arm to defend himself. Everything is lost. With his other arm he covered his face, preparing to receive the strike of the black lightning again.


Orlando opened his eyes, wondering what had happened… his arm was on fire. He immediately began to shake the blue flame out of his hand to avoid being burned. Before long he noticed that he was unharmed. Then he looked and found the man in black coat on the floor. What happened?

The sound of the motorcycle approaching caught his attention. “Lets go,” said Margareth, “or are you waiting for him to get up? Hurry, we don’t have much time.”

Orlando looked at the great bridge they traveled to. A structure of colored crystals that seemed to decorate the landscape, and beyond… the strange city that Orlando never dreamed of knowing. Houses of different shades of glass rose like thin pyramids from the floor, from the distance it was like seeing a forest of colors that sparkled in the sunlight.

Margareth sped up when Orlando finally jumped on… while Vincent watched them drive away. Someday you’ll have to get out and I’ll be waiting for you.

      1. Done.
        And nice seeing your Facebook page.
        I’ve liked it as well.
        I’ve been off Twitter for a while.
        Hope to connect there to when I go back there.

      2. hi sebastian: we never spoke but I see your blog and the images are always stunning – do you also do the artwork and the writing

  1. Inspiring stuff. I am struggling with a short story of my own. Deadline is next Tuesday, so I have time. I have to remember to have fun. Your stories show that you are having almost as much “fun” as your characters. Continue to enjoy the ride. It’s well worth your time and effort.

    1. Thank you, the truth is that I’m really enjoying creating stories. May your short story be created with ease and delivered on time. I hope to see you back soon.

      1. Yes, it’s like your stories start and finish in the middle, it just leaves us interested in the rest of the story. Thank you

  2. I read your last story! Very clever…

    I mean i just guessed it was about death.

    Some sort of magic too…

    Yet you dont say it, it is clever.

      1. Yes I did enjoyed your story as the story-telling is very nice. Amazing even.

        And now… Will there be a following to this story?


        I used to be a gamer, you know, but I stoped…

        ”Gaming is fun, but it can be time consuming, and you cant do things as much as you should normaly”

        1. What it is mean to say why it is good I stop ”gaming”? That is because I can take better care
          of my website !

      1. I enjoyed it tremendously. Your writing is very tactile. I will certainly come back! Am in the depths of some lengthy research right now and your writings give my mind the break it so needs. A different world completely.

  3. Good story. I really like the headline “Life is an awakening that keeps happening, and so the characters of this story are forced to open their eyes to reality.”

  4. I was left wanting to know more. What is the crystal city, who is Orlando really, why does Vincent want to defeat them so bad? I will definitely be exploring more of your stories.

  5. I don’t like reading huge books but I voted for this one to be a larger story because I am curious where you will go with this one. Amazing author

  6. I enjoyed this very much Sebastian. The work has an inductive effect on me. Multiple feelings arose. The human aspect is of the same origins as the surroundings, they merge at the boundary. One cannot remain passive in the presence of a supporter or a challenger or both. The city springs from the surroundings like a haven. No doubt the city contains more supporters and challengers. Dangers and opportunities co-exist.

    1. Sonya, thank you for your comment. It was a pleasure to visit your blog, but the link you left in the comment leads to a blog that no longer exists. It would be good if you update it so that your comments help you get more traffic.

    1. Ramak, I’m happy that you are enjoying my stories. Let me know what you thought about this week’s story, remember that you can visit the links to know everything that happened in the series… Thanks for the excellent vegetarian recipes.

  7. I admire your ability to write fiction as I tend to gravitate towards non-fiction in my own writing, but I would love to find a way to expand! I really enjoyed this- found it easy to envision the characters, the scene in my head. The story left me wanting more!

    1. Mel, I appreciate your kind words. I’m happy to know that you like my story… non-fiction is a whole universe that I prefer to just read. Ideas for some of my stories come from reading blogs like yours, thank you.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the piece. I’d be interested in learning more about your understanding of the story and why. I don’t typically read fantasy, but maybe I should do so more often. Thanks for liking my blogpost 🙂 … best

    1. Uday, I’m glad to know that you enjoyed my story. The truth is that I keep trying to understand what this story means, it seems to have much more depth than meets the eye… it’s better to appreciate the power of fantasy, it’s filled with lies hiding truths.

  9. Very well written. The intensity built up and peaked, like a Lou Reed song… I’m going to read a bunch more. Well done.

  10. Very interesting! In this Covid pandemic, when we can’t go out and feel like we are stuck in our problems. Then your fictional stories give a different feel of bliss.

      1. It’s my pleasure to make you smile, just as I am happy to help my friends. Can we be friends so that I can always help you as a friend? …Neetu

  11. I just started reading one or two of your blogs. I’m so grateful that you have found my blog, which is nonfiction writing, as you know. However, all writers should support each other, I strongly believe. So keep up the fiction writing.

    1. Aloha Ron (I guess that’s your name?)

      OMG–I just found a long string of replies from you in my junk email. I have clicked on this latest to respond. I will next go and read your many replies.

      Thank you. Yes, I love writing. I am new to WordPress–new to writing for public(ation.) I also believe we need to support one another. I will follow your work. It interests me.

      More when I catch up. Apologies for “ignoring” your many replies.
      Ric d. Stark

  12. Wow! This was so good. I actually worried for Orlando and Margareth like they were people I knew. The “chosen one” reminded me of Harry Potter lol. Would like to see this plot expand!

  13. Excellent. Fond of short stories, when they were in book form, I’ve been more into short independent videos as of late. But your story is evocative, more so than many short book stories, though I always recommend Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson. Yet despite the wonderful and skillful plot of that short story, it doesn’t have the appeal yours has from eyes now more accustomed to modern efforts. Excellent work.

    If you’d care to explore short video stories by independents, Jamin Winans comes to mind. The movie “Ink” is a longer works, but he has shorter ones on YouTube. Vimeo is another source of Independent Videos. “Echo Torch” and “Paralys” (Foreign, pertains to sleep paralysis, fiction, scary, good ending”.

    Look forward to reading more of your work.

  14. First time visitor. And will surely be a repeat visitor. For soooo long I have wanted ‘to begin’ writing fiction. That way I can actually make some money, and not feel guilty. I enjoyed this creative short story, and the battle that ensued.

    I couldn’t help but laugh Orlando’s life is on the line, yet even so he asks ‘Why is she trying to defend he thought. If I die it’ll be on my own terms.’

    ha ha ha, epic! By the way, thank you for all the love and support. BenMadley777

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