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The road to hell is paved with good intentions, all but Cathars think.

In their secret headquarters, the companions of justice met to discuss and find a solution for the problems facing the world.

“I continue to believe that human overpopulation… will be a catastrophe that we cannot fix,” said James Cotton, fixing his mustache with one hand.

“A problem for another generation,” said Paul Gottard, raising his hand to call the waiter. “Serve another round.”

“What do you suggest? Murder?” Charles Irha asked before taking a shrimp among all the dishes on the table.

“We should have started years ago,” said Samira Eras, a stocky woman wearing a low-cut dress.

“We still have time,” said Finn Fiend, the youngest of the group. “What if…”

The companions of justice paused to pay attention.

“…we start a pandemic with some controllable biological weapon. Then we forced the people to be injected with another biological weapon.”

“How do you plan to do that?” asked Paul Gottard.

“Easy, we just have to say that it is the vaccine for the pandemic. After all, people are handled easily with fear. The second biological weapon will be supplied to the most vulnerable and those with the greatest exposure to the virus. This way we’ll create a civilization without doctors or elders.”

“That would increase death rates from childbirth,” said Samira Eras, with a smile.

“Without doctors people will die from trivial diseases,” said James Cotton.

“Best of all, it will be impossible to find those responsible. It’ll be a natural cause,” said Charles Irha, taking a piece of meat from a tray.

“Ridiculous! The problema will re-appear.” Samira Eras said. “It would be better to increase the levels of narcotics in their drinking water.”

“Of course,” said Finn Fiend, “but we’ll have solved the biggest problem humanity currently has.”

“It’s an excellent idea,” said James Cotton, “we should start to…”

Suddenly, the place began to shake making the plates vibrate over the table, and the companions of justice held tightly to their chairs. Then the ground began to open in the middle of the room and an explosion threw them backwards.

A dense cloud of dust made it impossible to see what was happening, but when it dispersed a grotesque figure with red skin and reptilian appearance appeared in their midst. “What I enjoy the most about my job is watching you torture each other.”

Finn Fiend blinked in disbelief at what he had just witnessed. But when he opened his eyes the creature had disappeared. It was just an earthquake, he thought, shaking his head.

  1. This explains the current situation all right.

    I noticed Bill Gates said with regard to the recent volcanic rumblings on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent that “only those who are vaccinated should be evacuated”.

      1. Freedom of choice if they take your choice away what else are you going to do GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE DEATH !!! we all have been lied too from the beginning of BIRTH !!!! Wake up

        1. They said, “Terms accepted.” And are now busily doling out death.

          Given the internet censors, I’m surprised this story is still up.


          Kim G
          Roma Sur, Mexico City
          Where there doesn’t seem to be even a shred of an anti-masking movement, never mind any questioning of these so-called vaccines.

        2. Hi James, good evening from where I sit. I reply to you that nothing is free because everything has cost. Freedom has cost, bondage has cost, being master has cost, being slave has cost. Choice has cost, no choice has cost. We are always free but there’s cost to whatever it is. Is it better to turn cost into sacrifice for something, some goal, or for needs of others?

      1. I believe it is group kamma that affected someone died during C19. Either from the evil parasites 666 wetSins or the viruses themselves. I encouraged everyone do some good deed to extend your human life. We do need some good kamma to sustain the human life else might died and born again in lower realm of existing e.g. animals, spirits, ghost, helly beings, etc

  2. Human overpopulation has become less of an issue even before the pandemic.
    Fertility rates have been in decline worldwide, even in the less-developed counties.
    Most rich countries have fertility rates below replacement level.
    Few scholars are making the Malthusian argument anymore.

    1. Here in the states, we are experiencing a shortage of workers. Falling birthrates, the Trump years of anti-immigrant sentiment, and our attitudes about educating the poor and colored communities have already begun to impact our well-being (not to mention the immigrants!). With the coming environmental catastrophes, with increased death rates, we may have doomed our civilization if not our species.

      1. I beg to differ … when you say Trump had an “anti-immigration” sentiment, you’re wrong. Trump’s problem was directed toward ILLEGAL immigration and, personally, I believe every American citizen should stand behind the man, in that sense.
        When you consider that illegal immigrants are bring drugs into America and, when you see the fact that pregnant women are sneaking in, just so their baby can be born in this country (allowing them to stay, where they will probably end up on welfare), you should take a different approach to criticizing a president, who did more FOR America than his predecessor.

        1. These comments on immigration are really interesting. I’m interested in deconstruction. Looking at the assumptions that people make and the logic that fits them together. ‘Immigration’ itself is a concept that gets used all the time, but when you really dig into it, it’s a really complicated area to define, built on multiple assumptions and pre-conceived notions. For me, the first question to ask, before even contemplating immigration, is what is a ‘nation,’ and then, what are borders? They appear natural, but are actually relatively new historical constructs. Then, why bar people from entering your ‘nation’? And why are some ‘nations’ allowed more than others? Why are some richer and poorer? I think what I’m getting at is, rather than repeating ideologies, look beyond them. Why are you separating yourself as an American from outsiders? What framework makes those outsiders illegal?

          1. There is only one answer that you should know before all the philosophical questions. What is the Koudenhoven-Kalergi plan, that answer you shouldve kown. I think if you understand this, there is no need for too many questions, but actions. To protect your future and existence. The rest is futile, what good is being “right” in the grave.


    2. Who remembers Karl Marx’s children? Our personal quest for continuance shifted from genetics to memetics, wherever “living standards” have allowed us to climb Maslow’s stack of needs.

      But as we escape those simplistic predictions of overpopulation, we hit scalability challenges, and have to approach life in a different way. Following hand-me-down programs on how to live no longer works, when the future changes within a single generation; we need to learn, and for that, a framework that supports multiple parallel strategies works better than any hard-coded program.

  3. Well written very creative too and highlights ways mankind destroys mankind…My father used to say that often may he rest in peace and we are from Ireland…Tis a worldwide issue of mankind destroying our universe and tis hard to watch…

      1. Very true my father taught me how to play the tin whistle and my father taught me how to dance despite having an impediment…My father survived the iron lung more than once as he had polio so he could not dance due to a fused knee on one of his legs from surgery related to his polio…My father suffered a lot but did not let that stop him from marrying my mother who will be 87 years old soon and from raising eight children…I am my father’s number five…We must enjoy life no matter what and during this pandemic it is hard but I still dance which I am sure pleases my now deceased father…I dance at home…Namaste…

    1. Keep your thoughts closer to your heart until you hear the blood pumping in your veins. We’re not here to fix the world, enjoy life to its fullest. This is our only chance.

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  5. Heh. This is a good example of macabre humor…I see it as a satire about people who literally think vaccines are a sinister government conspiracy.

    1. I guess you trust your government believe everything you watch on the news REMEMBER you been lied too from the day you were born investigate do your research WAKE UP !!!!!

  6. “The powers that be more likely than not
    created COVID-19 consistent with the evil process proffered in the essay herein (My Favorite Sin*)!”
    _-Van Prince

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. In fact, they are not supposed to resemble creatures from this plane of existence. It’s hard for me to describe a creature with bones made of stone.

  7. Thanks for looking in at my site, The news today reported a distinct drop in the birth rate in the USA so somehow your suggestion seems to have made sense to numerous fertile individuals. Nevertheless, at the age of 95 I saw to it to get inoculated against the virus. At my age the enthusiasm for procreation has dimmed to a large degree but somehow a bit of the old fascination is still slightly stirred at the rotating convexities of the properly endowed female.

    1. Change is rapidly approaching, just like you do, we’ll experience a life filled with beauty. Controlling desire has been our biggest fallback, even before the first book of the bible was written.

  8. I like this story in truth you hit the nail on the head

    Mankind, just wants control over the population
    Those in charge. Which has gone on for a long time
    Even in Egypt, when the slaves became many
    The ones in charge, killed the male babies
    To control their mastery
    Still happening too many people, to keep under control
    Especially the elder retirees
    That is trimmed down now

  9. You’re a very creative person. Your creations are so beautiful that everyone is drawn to your stories again and again.

  10. I would have enjoyed it more if it was not true. I am trusting God to sort it out though. There are white hats out there that are fighting the good fight. And I believe they can win. I did enjoy the gates of hope. I believe there are/were real portals. Lots of lifes mysteries that may or may not be known by a select few. The world has many wonders, and we have minds to explore them. Love it that you do so.

    1. I’m sorry to know that you couldn’t enjoy it to its fullest, Chrystalkay. It’s better to be sure that everything will regain its balance since that is the essence of our energy. I think it’s true that the energetic mysteries are known by some, you better come back to read more stories and maybe you’ll find one of them.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it left me with a desire for more. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world!

  12. Your story about the folks discussing the pandemic was so right on funny and accurate, I smiled for hours. The reptiles apperance was cool. Only you should gave allowed him to linger long enough for them to realize they belonged to him.

    1. Angelgirl, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. I think people who make the most radical mistakes are blinded by their limits and don’t want to work to improve… if this was the last day of my life I would be doing exactly what I do, thank you.

      1. Blind people are sometime blind by their choices. If people would stop, consider, and listen to Him who created them, their eyes of understanding would pop open, their hearts become love filled for others, and life on earth would change for the betterment of all. I’m glad you are doing what you love doing daily

  13. Particularly relevant to the current climate, very thought-provoking, though somewhat dangerous depending on who reads it and DOESN’T consider it fiction! lol. It was interesting and entertaining to see the various characters reveal their views- very apropos in regards to the pandemic and the incessant debates.
    Question- how DID you find my blog? Happy to share publicly, but just interested to see how it popped up in your world with your many posts considering I took a break for, uh, 7 years? lol

    1. Mel, you’re right… but I assure you it’s a work of fiction. The truth is that I keep looking for ideas in blogs that appear in the WordPress search engine. I was lucky to find yours!

  14. Wow ! Made for a very interesting read. Nicely done. I enjoyed it !

  15. hi. this is not fiction it is true fact. professionals have been debating how to lower the population because earth has limitied resources, clean air, water, food, medicine. True fact. the problem is not necessarily climate change, it is over population,. in some countires people have 17 plus children. i know it sounds science fiction, but in actual fact its true so true. and theres more, about Drs, i am telling you i have read stuff that will make you die in dibelief…

  16. Nice looking page. I gotta get me one of these. You are well on your way to a short story. Be more aggressively imaginative. **Just wondering if people this cruel, uncaring use/need a Devil to relieve their conscience? Should you let them off the hook?

  17. Well, they did start years ago. What would be best is if men and women controlled their passions for only the ones they loved and planned to stay with for the rest of their lives to nurture the children that they create, but that would be utopia and we are a fallen race, but murder is never the answer, or else what is the prize? A world where murder is a means to an end, and then you can have it. I don’t want it.

  18. It is a shame that the humans, to beat the boredom during the pandemic, started making babies like crazy, defeating the purpose of the virus.

      1. When the coronavirus came, my first thought was: the planet finally found a way to get rid of us, the humans. The virus would work like the Earth’s antibody, eliminating the real virus which is killing the planet. I really wish that was true.

  19. You certainly hit the nail on the head with that story. They have put the fear in so many people but I’m not one of them. They’ll have to tie me down or threaten me at gun point to get me to take that poisonous vaccine. It’s an evil world out there and they are definitely trying to cut back on the population. This is not humor in my eyes.

  20. Interesting story. Conspiracy come to life. Always makes me think of the way sci-fi has prefaced this development through Thanos and the cubes in the DC universe. Thank you also for reading my piece. Cheers Brian

  21. How… do you get so many people reading your blog!? Teach me oh wise one! Great story, who does the illustrations? They’re amazing!

  22. This made me laugh, something one seldom gets from a post. Thanks. Duke

  23. I loved your brilliant short story.It has echoes of the present world-wide crisis and is a reminder of the belief of Thanos who believes he is doing the world a world of good!

      1. Yes,you have an obvious flair for writing. The writing is topical, ingenious and is very engaging. Hope that you have had some time to go through my posts.

  24. Such conversations are not as unreal as they might appear, maybe not as sinister, not as radical, but they are being had everywhere among the common people. The anxiety is rising; the awareness of the coming Armageddon is there, but no one can see a realistic solution bring on offer. So we do what we as humans always do, we expand our phantasies to make up for our impotence.

  25. I recently read a book that details the EBOLA and AIDS epidemic. This short story kind of felt a little bit like that book. They discuss how America sent people over to Africa to administer vaccines, but instead gave all of those people HIV. Claimed it was from a monkey, and when scientific minds questioned the structure of of virus and claimed it was man-made, many were de-funded and made out to be quacks. The epidemic began to spread world wide and only SUPER rich people like Magic Johnson were given an opt out to survive the illness. This felt a little bit like a horror story based on that book, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

  26. Wicked, wicked, wicked…and interestingly enough, I went to IKEA last weekend for a quick lunch, and stopped at the table of a complete stranger to comment that it was so nice to see people’s faces without masks again, and we both concurred that it could very likely have been a plot to annihilate humanity, or at least to make it seem possible so we could all be controlled … and then we laughed hysterically and bid each a good day “on that note.” Life is good…I wish I were actually at the table with your characters enjoying a shrimp or two. Brava!

  27. You seeking a solution to the present world disorder, a way to neutralize the rich industrial zoombies (yes animal minds) apart from the spiritualized, i suggest you take a serious deep insight reading of the latest epochal world revelation to mankind….. the “Blue book” also named The Urantia Book

  28. As the saying goes…”Truth may be stranger than fiction”. What if the “powers that be” are actually looking to get the population down to a more manageable size, a more controllable size. About then we would be talking about Conspiracy Theories rather than fiction or is that the same thing. One wonders… Nice job Sebastian!

  29. Intriguing story, but I am even MORE impressed with your interactions! Wish I could get comments like these! May have to post more stories. 🙂 Congrats on a most successful blog.

  30. I don’t know about Covid-19, but I find the punch line hilarious. By the way your site is excellent and full of ideas and colors

  31. I’m pretty sure the nutbags took longer than the one sitting to figure this stuff out, giving way more credit than is due. Good read though.

  32. You have a very close relationship with words. The words sound as heavy as reality as light like they are about to be blown away by the breeze, both in English and Spanish (and I must say I’m not very strong in Spanish).

  33. It is excellent. Thank you very much for visiting my site. I am not so good writer like you. But your liking just inspired me a lot. I know you must be busy but if you sometimes get time then give few of your valuable time to visit my site. I really feel grateful to you.

  34. Very interesting piece! As a girl that took the first shot, it is scary to read; as a fellow writer, you sure have an incredible talent.
    Hope to discuss more in person on day!

  35. Nicely written. Conspiracy theories aside, I do see the Earth and its human inhabitants as going thru either a rebalancing or perhaps a new phase of evolution. We’ll see… either down here or (more likely) up there.🙂

  36. Personally, I love when young, inexperienced, incompetent, morally corrupt, “queens” and “kings” attempt to save the world. It’s always about their lacking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrZC1Jcv0dw. Grimes is insane, but extremely intelligent. I’m stupid, but I always get mixed into these superbattles as a pawn. I’m kind of at limbo at the moment thanks to that lady, but we won’t go there. A strange man appeared around her, too, and Poppy. I don’t want to give anyone credit. I suppose I’ll wander ahead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crZXwRmMq2k

  37. This was a nice piece. There are a few gods hoping we’ll all fight in the end. As one text said, not that I can remember, but he’s going to, “Sit on the top of a mountain and watch the war of the races.” I feel the same way, even as a human. The greatest accomplishment of humanity is death. Blood instead of flood.

  38. Wow. I’m amazed. I write some short stories, but nothing as good as this.
    It’s terrifying to think that this could even possibly happen…

  39. Interesting story, Sebastian. The origin of the virus and the efficacy of the vaccine is an enigma. You could introduce variants and ne jabs to your story. How about masks and social distancing for the kids and the vaccinated.

  40. Wow! I find it interesting how in this post, too, you are writing about the world changing, transforming, and not possibly for the better. How there is a great danger to the world. But, I found it difficult to keep track of who is who, and I’d still like to see more description of the characters’ emotions. That’s my only nitpick.

  41. Man. I love this writing for i believe this exactly where we are currently. Thank you for sharing your creativity and Heart. Yes. May we find a way to bang together for this is an era of great evil.

  42. Haha, that’s a pretty creative way of pointing out the countless conspiracy theories out there circulating about the pandemic. After all if we believe them then the world is controlled by a rich, few, elite reptilian people.

  43. Elegant narrative!
    Indeed, global overpopulation is a real threat to humanity: every time I happen to check the world’s population, I find it increased by 0.1 billion (100 million). We are now at about 7.9 billion; at about 10 billion the earth will be ‘saturated’: we will only be able to eat natural foods (fruit and vegetables—no animal meat). It will be too ‘expensive’ (energy wise) to raise animals. There is a very simple humane solution to the problem, though, if every woman, voluntarily, decides not to have more than two children in her lifetime. If every woman cooperates this way, the world population will immediately stop increasing.

  44. Thanks Sebastian for liking for my posts. I hope you understand it too, Enough to reblog it if possible or at least share the word by word of mouth etc. I’ve just finished reading your post here and I can’t agree more. Where Movies imitates life, the God of Creation has already given the warnings in movies by giving inspirations to those who wrote the scripts and produced it such as Mission Impossible II with Chimera, Davinci Code with Inferno. This are not by chance. these movies are there to serve as tutorials by the baddies to carry out their plans to serve God’s purpose. COVID-19 is not by chance. It was to move the people towards the END for all things.

  45. A fascinating website and description of your “addiction”, Sebastian. Fascination because writing wakes me up. Academic reading wears me out; writing wakes me up, activates my neural network, brings my mind to life and brings a feeling of life, of purpose.

  46. Nail biting!!! Your writing style is amazing. Thanks for stopping by my humble blog!!! Will keep watching this space for more.

  47. Good written Sebastian.
    There are lots of truths out there, all depents on your level of thinking, connecting. Each its own truth which can improve when we dare learning from each other or look in another perspective.
    As a little line in my poetry album says, :”what want, what should, what can, yes, which shall it be” translated from Dutch language, hope it still makes sense!

    Hasta luego, ChienJours

  48. Hey, It’s amazing! I also have a blog and you liked all of it! Thanks for doing that!( Don’t judge me! I’m just a 10 year old kid from Vietnam trying to make a website) Can we get in touch by Hangouts?

  49. Sebestion you have visited my blog on many occasions which is very encouraging. You write all manner of fiction one recently on a pandemic which is so relevant to our changing world. its a holocaust of the times and i dont know that we deserve this from nature despite our unfeeling raoe of nature. i would like us to communicate more often and get to know what we are all about.

  50. I read in your presentation that you lived as a poor man. It was a choice and you lived it to the full. But you had friends, you called and someone showed up. They gave you food and a roof. But you haven’t imagined how a person who also has a child and has no friends to call might feel. You will never be able to imagine what it is to have no one and not be able to call a number because there is no one in the cell. You didn’t feel real hunger because someone always fed you. So, it’s a good story of your life but instead of selling everything and choosing poverty, you could have helped someone who didn’t have a home, someone who didn’t have friends. This theory of mine is not a criticism but I hope you know today what can be done with money. I put the comment here because there’s no space for comnents in that post about you. So please don’t be angry for that and for my opinion. 😉

  51. I enjoyed it. It’s fiction but based on the fear of “fact”. A great way to engage your audience.

    There are some that will read this as a “call to arms”, there are some that will see it as a challenge to the status quo, and then there are people like me that see it merely as a well written piece that is neither trying to be pro or anti-vaccine and is just a piece to entertain.

    I may be wrong, I don’t really care. I’ve made my choice both about this and the vaccine. 🙂

  52. Thanks, I really enjoyed your story. I went to a lecture 20 years ago by a respected Australian mind warning about overpopulation, and I agree. I am a historian researching WWI and the huge population increase in just the last hundred years is staggering. However, it is a very difficult thing to put into action but the consequences of leaving it to the forces of nature could be devastating.Thanks for visiting my blog btw.
    Best wishes,

  53. This would be a great part of your collection as a thriller television series.

    However, I doubt it would make it to broadcast because mainstream media cannot deal with controversial truths that they so often like to mask and cover up.

    If your series did make the screen it might eventually be canceled for being too deep, realistic, and blunt.

    They put a lot of silly garbage to distract the feeble-minded. They need a wake up call.

    Plenty of us are aware of what is really going on.

    Art does imitate life within many forms, however, life is the best art.

    Very entertaining and thought provoking.

      1. It is a shame because you are a great and talented writer. Yet, we should never say never. You may be well-known one day.

        Meanwhile, you are reaching to those who count and who genuinely support your intelligence, awareness, and creativity.

        Mainstream is not important. It is about who is “awake” when it comes to the things that are really going on beyond the surface. And, it is about you using your gifts and talents to the best of your ability to make the difference that you were meant to and the contribution that you were meant to bring.

        Nothing goes unrecognized by God.

        So continue to do what you do and what you enjoy because you definitely have a worthy purpose.

  54. Awesome. This is the second story I’ve read where you reference the pandemic as part of a sinister plot. As I have come to expect, you imply so much, create so much of a backstory that the brevity belies much depth. Kudos.

  55. I like your sense of humour. You’re obviously not the only one to suggest the whole thing is a conspiracy and bioweapons and so on. I’m sure some of these psychopaths do actually believe they’re ‘doing it for the right reasons’, but that just goes to illustrate the power of self-deception. If they really wanted the world to be a better place they’d exterminate themselves and just let good people be in positions of power. That would sort it all out. I also wrote an amusing little story about this, how the point of the bioweapon is the mutations, that it is designed to increase in lethality exponentially each year. We’ll see. I’m certainly not subjecting myself to their jabs, however. Fortunately I have natural immunity, which is lifelong. At some point they’ll stop us buying essential items without a pass, however. uh-oh…

  56. Wow–love it!! Immediately grabbed my attention!
    Mea culpa–I am so sorry that I have not taken the time out until now to come over and “visit” your page and blog. I’m on my last semester for my BA, and been busy with writing papers and such. I am so glad to have read this! I will make sure to visit more often!

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  58. Fascinating story. I love the clever way you describe each setting, with a minimum of narrative but a maximum of atmosphere. Well done. I’m sure someone will take what you have written and start a conspiracy theory.

  59. Very inventive. A very dark comment on humanity and the question: ‘is it moral to sacrifice any to save more lives?’

    Good post!

  60. Thank you for frequent reminders we should enjoy life, even while enduring assaults similar to those in your story.

  61. Nice twist on today, but you can see the evil all around, unfortunately. Thank you,, we need to keep our eyes and mind open…

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