Dark Light
Sometimes you don’t really want what you asked for, but it’s better to experience it just to be sure.

Opening the door, Kevin came across a beautiful meadow. What’s going on? he thought, looking from side to side before closing the door. Then he opened it again, waiting for the image to change. But it didn’t, once again he saw the green hills and the white mountains on the horizon.

Where am I? he thought and returned to the cabin. Inside, everything was different from what he remembered—everything was strange—the walls were filled with wooden shelves and melted candles. Looking from one side to the other, he noticed that none of the objects brought him any memory, nothing that he could follow.

I’m asleep, he thought. This is a dream, let’s see if it works. Kevin covered his eyes with his hands, for an instant everything went dark

Suddenly he felt the ground shake, by the time he opened his eyes he realized that he was on a moving bus. Behind him were dozens of passengers and in the cabin two people fighting. One of them had to be the driver, because the bus was rapidly approaching the side of a bridge.

In an instant, Kevin felt the crash against the fence and the bus began to fall—he was even able to see the blue of the river through the window.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed that he was sitting in a small pool of hot water. At his sides were beautiful maidens in bathing suits, Kevin looked down and noticed he was naked. Immediately he felt ashamed, and wanted to hide from the crowd.

Then, and to his surprise, he found himself sitting in a doctor’s chair. Around him, men in white coats were arguing—one of them took a white metal arm and moved it. Kevin notices it was a mirror, and saw a wound in his face, it was large accompanied by a cold and constant pain.

One of the doctors offered him a needle, Kevin knew he was supposed to stitch up the wound. But he couldn’t, tried to move and get up—fighting the arms that held him back. All he could see was the wound in the mirror, and the feeling of the needle going in and out, again and again—until the wound was closed.

When he opened his eyes, Kevin found himself lying on his bed. Immediately, he placed a hand over his face and realized it was all a dream.

He got up to go to the bathroom. Vivid dreams, he thought. One has to be crazy to go through that experience?

      1. You are more than welcome, Sebastian. You have a tremendous knack for flash fiction. Jumping into the heart of a situation—climax—denouement or cliffhanger — depending… Marvellous!

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