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Being aware of our capability is all we need, it’s necessary to stop and appreciate everything before continuing. Just like Simon when he woke up.

Once again, Simon opened his eyes in that room that was becoming a little more familiar. This time he felt leather straps tied against his wrists and ankles. Repeatedly, he pulled his bonds with all his might—finally managing to break the strap that held his arms.

Simon immediately began to undo the rest of his restraints. Soon enough, he got up from the stretcher and analyzed his surroundings. Everything was just like the last time he woke up in the strange room. The same feeling of being trapped in a doctor’s office, and the memory of the men in white coats conducting their experiments returned to him.

Looking at the room’s only exit, Simon knew something was different—but he couldn’t understand his intuition. His suspicion grew and he smashed the door with his elbow.

Simon stopped after breaking the door open… the metallic stank of blood surrounded him. Nothing was like the last time he tried to escape. The hallway walls were covered with bloodstains. Simon had to cover his nose, the odor was unbearable.

What happened here? he wondered, stepping out of the room. Something was seriously wrong but he couldn’t stay to find out. Immediately, he turned to the right and saw a metal door blocking the way. To the other side was his only way out—the same path he took when he encountered the beast in the corner. The memory of that day passed through his mind and he remembered the pain on his neck. Simon reached with his hand but the dart was gone.

I have to be careful, Simon thought. This could be another trap, I can’t trust them.

His cautious footsteps led him through the blood stained corridor. The doors to the other rooms were destroyed, his intrigue grew with every step—in one of the rooms he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a human arm and he moved faster.

I have to get out of here, he thought, still covering his nose with one hand. When he reached the end of the hall he found two options to continue. To the right another metal door and the darkness of a broken lamp hanging from the ceiling; to the left an opportunity to continue looking for a way out.

Simon paused. Hiding his body, waiting for a sign. In that moment, he saw glowing eyes in the darkness. He forced himself to continue looking, and noticed a creature moving in front of the metal door that blocked the corridor to the right.

The creature slowly came out of the shadows. Its torso moved as if it was an arachnid with slender legs hitting the ground with each step. Simon hid, unable to control his breath—fear too over him. However, he couldn’t wait and get caught. While the creature slowly approached.

Simon remembered the strength he had the last time. All that he was able to do… but this time seemed different and he decided to run. Surprising the creature with his speed—making it take a step backwards, before it started chasing after him.

He felt the cold air against his face as he ran, and the noise that echoed against the walls with every step the creature took. Simon feared the sharp claws of the creature chasing after him. His mind couldn’t stop thinking about the ease it would require to cut through his skin… and he kept running.

The creature ran at full speed, almost catching its fleeing prey. While its watering mouth spilled saliva. Its eyes focused, trying to predict the man’s next move—but his prey was too fast.

Simon almost lost his hearing behind the loud beating of his heart. Moving faster than he could have imagined possible to evade the creature, he saw pieces of wall flying off after avoiding the spider’s attacks. He couldn’t know if he was on the right path, he ran with hope of not finding…at the end of the hall he noticed a metal door blocking his way. Simon couldn’t slow down and slammed into the metal door.

The creature failed to predict its prey’s movements and saw the man push himself off the metal door. The giant spider uselessly moved its legs to reach him and only managed to grace the skin of the man.

Simon turned as he fell and stood up quickly to continue fleeing… when he noticed that the creature had wounded the skin of his arm. I’m done, he thought, staring at the wound.

The creature slowly turned on the metal door, peered at the human and paused.

Why keep running away? Simon asked himself. He held his arm with the opposite hand to get a closer look at his wound…it was worse than he had imagined. His blood began to fall to the floor. His fears grew stronger… Simon could no longer think about what he should do to save his life. All was lost. Even if I manage to escape, I’ll bleed to death.

Simon saw the creature slowly approaching… and he felt a burning sensation inside his wound. The pain was almost unbearable, but somehow he managed to stay on his feet—watching in surprise as the wound closed on its own. Impossible, he thought. I can heal myself…

The creature continued approaching… The expression on Simon’s face changed, the fear disappeared and he became the hunter.

  1. I was trying to be lazy before I go get my kid from his friend’s and got dragged into reading the whole story. Enjoyed it and it was great at getting me hooked into reading the whole story before I realised it.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful content to read . I’ll finish shortly just wanted to be the first to post 📯 miss it 😂

  3. Hey Sebastian, I noticed that you liked a post on my blog recently (Hovel of Babel). How in the world did you find it, I use it as an archive for stuff that I later might post elsewhere 🙂

      1. Wow, I am happy you always like my blogs, you are such a writer,i have always enjoyed your blogs. Thanks for encouraging young writers.

  4. I’m awed by how you urge me to create a short film in my mind as I read your phenomenal writing. Thank you kindly for sharing your gift.

  5. The pray becoming the hunter reminds me of Ezekiel 21:25-27. Simon conquering the beast is like man overcoming the devil. In the end, those who have been the prey of the beast will be exalted and those of the beast will be abased.

  6. Hi Sebastian! I’ve noticed you liked my first post, with that I very thank you, man! I saw your and see what you. You know, I was inspired by it! That’s actually exactly the best what I saw here! Following and looking forward for new!👍

  7. Another great instalment. If I may suggest, have you looked at PenPee.com? From what I have read from doing my research for my creative writing, it looks to be a legitimate platform for writers to get noticed and get paid for the material they submit and gets read by subscribers to the site. As always looking forward to your next chapter.

    1. I really appreciate your suggestions and will definitely take a look at them. I hope to see you again soon and don’t forget to do the full tour of my fiction blog.

  8. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but my brother’s name is Simon and you look so similar to him 🙂 also I am loving your stories 👍🏼

    1. JL, it’s nice to have you here. The illustrations are found on the Internet and I then modified them to match the style of my blog. I hope you enjoy the rest of my stories.

  9. Hello Sebastian.
    This is a superb art display.
    Man you’re a great influencer,able to provock humanity’s mind / thinking with your style of writing.
    Keep it up dear

  10. Outstanding!! And this comes from a woman who’s had a life-long terror of spiders. I didn’t see the end coming — nice surprise!

  11. Hello Sebastian! That’s me again. I am very sorry for disturbing you. I am so thankful that you were first to like me, and I clearly involve in plot of your stories so I would like to ask about opportunity to get contact with you to get information about WordPress platform’s opportunities. Thank you!

  12. Wow! Your fiction blog and beautiful and well-done! I’m so grateful you liked one of my posts which gave me a path to find yours! Cheers, and thank you.

  13. I enjoyed reading this story! My favorite lines: “While its watering mouth spilled saliva” and “The creature continued approaching… The expression on Simon’s face changed, the fear disappeared and he became the hunter”. I would love to see how he hunts this hungry creature. So good!

  14. Hey, you read one of my completely random blogs that I really wasn’t expecting anyone to ever find, but I thought I’d repay the favour and discovered your blog.

    And I’m glad I did because I absolutely loved the story!!! And that was even without the context of the prequel which I can’t wait to read.
    I’ll definitely check out the rest once I make it through my exams.

  15. I will need to spend some time reading much more of your work. Looking forward to it.
    This was very exciting and, as others have said, is quickly and effectively engrossing. Great writing.

  16. Nice chapter and cliff hanger for a graphic novel. There was an interesting graphic novelist on Talk of Iowa today 6/7 name Benjamin Percy who gave out some interesting knowledge about publication of genre work. He also works for Marvel and is coming out with his own series of SF novelas and a superhero. Talk of Iowa comes on WSUI/IPR if you care to listen. But I found him very interesting.

      1. I would love that. I enjoyed your story very much. And thank your for your concern. Mostly my rambling is just me being whiny or saying things I can’t to a world that doesn’t know me. Luckily, or perhaps divinely, the worst scenario of the situation you refer to has blown over.

  17. But… … …Sebastian? Its just a list, bullet points about what is important to me. I’m not really a writer. More of a collator or a curator. I used to be a psychotherapist; 45 years of it, until my stroke. That’s the story I should be telling. Meeting the Angel of Death during brain surgery. Wow!

    I feel too old, too tired. Bilbo Baggins at the end of Lord of the Rings. Drift away, lille Hobbit, its time for a new adventure.

    Jonah Steinhaus

  18. Love the ending when he becomes the hunter. Good writing, keeps one in suspense and the picture of what I believe of a spider fits perfect with the story. I liken it to the devil, who once was an angel, but fell because of pride. I will be back for more.

  19. Amazing narration. Loved it.! I was expecting a little different climax at the end. Simon after helpless moves fell dizzy and when opened his eyes found himself in the same situation like in the beginging of the story. And the story goes in the loops..

  20. Usted escribe súper bien. Gracias. Thank you for reading my posts. I have also written a few articles in Spanish. Do try to read and comment😊

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