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There must be a way for us to enjoy live and all its prices without been lured into a trap that ends up destroying our happiness.

In life, we all face temptation, but some of us are able to pursue our desires while fulfilling our responsibilities. Without courage, however, people often end up in painful situations where their only goal is pleasure. The world knows our weaknesses and can exploit them, so we often feel like we’re walking blindfolded towards a cliff, desperate to reach the edge.

It seems like there is more to reality than we can grasp, and that a set of rules has been imposed upon us. While we have free will, we must pay the price for it. The world collects its payments, and those who succumb to temptation must pay a higher price.

Some gifts come with worse consequences than others, and those who have free will must pay for their choices. While we cannot remember anything other than our current existence, we are sure that we were lured into a trap designed for us. We must remember why we have to start from scratch and be cautious of the traps set in our path.

The world is full of signs that are often invisible, but they manifest themselves when we pay attention. This is similar to the Quantum Zeno effect, where you are the only one who can see your path and find the traps that are placed in your way. Once you are ready, a guide will appear, but it’s important to be discreet.

  1. This is a very fascinating and beautifully written take on temptation. Given that it was written several years ago, I wonder if it still reflects your views? I know many of the spiritual ideas I had seven years ago have gone through a revolution of their own, and I would say that transformed both me and my views, which continue to cascade through an evolution of their own.

  2. I see that you have liked some of my posts so I decided to look at yours. I found this Temptation post very interesting. There are signs that I am just learning about now. As a person going through a medical crisis, I can see that something like this was going to happen in some way based on signs starting in my youth.

  3. I got tempted to comment after I seeing the picture you used. The Cattle Egret on the right, I like that bird! It is looking so cute there!

    I was learning the Catholic prayer of faith – it was written “one who does not deceive and one who cannot be deceived is God”. There is so much power to that statement. Many men deceive us, online and offline but somehow I have ended up believing in God’s immense power to see through everything.

    Thanks for the post on temptation!

  4. You have a wonderful way of putting things across. Brilliant stuff brother! It´s rather impressive that you can bring out one of these a week. Siempre estoy pensando en escribiendo en un otra manera, mas libre, pero hasta ahora el mundo me ha obligado seguir lo mismo. Salud, de los partes un poquito mas bajo de Los Andes!

  5. Brings to mind one of my favorite John Henry Newman quotes: “I am created to do something for which no one else is created…. God has created me to do him some definite service; he has committed some work to me which he has not committed to another. … Somehow I am necessary for his purposes, as necessary in my place as an archangel in his “

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