Dark Light
A quick decision had to be made, even if it meant leaving the darkness and falling prey to the circumstances.

Under the darkness of the night, Kariu was hidden from sight. It was just another mission to collect information from the enemy. Tonight, like in many other instances, he listened attentively to a private meeting among the leaders of a rival village. However, the information he gathered had to be shared immediately.

This information was crucial—the well-being of his people depended on it. Kariu had to make an unexpected exit, and it didn’t matter how dangerous it could become. The invasion, according to the meeting he witnessed, will reach his city’s gate at dawn.

I can not fail, he thought, quietly waiting for the last person to leave. Kariu was in a space between the ceiling and a column, as soon as the room was empty he slowly got down. Not making any noises, hiding between shadows thanks to his black kimono.

Kariu crept toward the room’s window, his escape verly begging. From there he was able to see the torches and the wall surrounding the government palace, he had a long way to go. Then, he opened the window.

“Are you going somewhere?” asked a dark voice from the shadows.

Imposible, Kariu thought, reaching with his tongue for the metallic compartment on one of his molars. And, he heard a hiss of air and felt an object passing close to his face. The metal star crashed into a wooden column.

“Who hired you?” asked the voice from the shadows. “I won’t fail twice.”

Kariu didn’t wait, he couldn’t wait, and jumped out of the window. Grabbing a pillar and climbing to the roof.

No you won’t, Kamui thought, stepping out of the darkness. Following Kariu out of the window.

Kariu reached the roof and ran to a safe distance before turning to see the man in the white kimono. If I try to escape, I’ll become an easy target, he thought and drew his katana.

“So you want to play,” Kamui said, and the bright moon reflected over the blade as he drew his own katana.

The men looked at each other, studying their postures.

“Tell me,” Kamui said. “Who are you working for? And I’ll give you a quick death,”

Kariu’s face was covered with his black hood—it was impossible to recognized him before defeat. He had no other option but to attack.

Kamui saw the black-kimono man running towards him, holding his katana with both hands, and he prepared to defend himself.

Their swords clashed over and over again. Smoke bombs covered the tiled roof of the presidential palace—the men moved with great agility. Only sparks could be seen from the distance.

Kamui found an opportunity and threw one of his metal stars, and saw with amusement at his opponent deflecting it with ease, then he charged towards the man in the black kimono—their swords clashed.

Kariu spread his legs to lower his body, swinging his katana against his opponent’s legs. However, the man in the white kimono jumped—barely evading the attack. Kariu pushed himself upwards, swinging his blade with him.

Kamui had to swing his blade downward to block the attack, but the blow slightly moved his body in mid air. He tried to regain his balance to safely land on his feet…and saw the flash of light shining on his opponent’s blade.

With a precise swing, Kariu stroked the side of Kamui, thrusting his sword hard—slicing through the white kimono. Continuing his merciless attack.

Kamui fell and protected himself on the ground, over and over again. Then, he turned backwards to stand, but he felt three blows. The metal stars stuck on his chest.

Kariu stepped forward and continued the attack, feeling his sword’s strike hard against his opponent’s blade, seizing the opportunity to strike again—when he heard a distant sound on the ceiling.

Two men with black-bladed katanas, wearing red kimonos joined the battle, and threw metal stars at him.

Kamui fell to the ground again, supporting himself with one hand to defend himself.

Kariu locked his eyes with Kamui’s…then he sheathed his katana, and ran to the edge of the ceiling to jump—hiding in the shadows.

  1. I have been told to improve your creative writing you need to read a lot.. What great classic books, can I read (from any period or country) that will improve my writing.. Genre is unimportant, though I am not writing for children.. I said classic, I read science fiction/recent literature as entertainment. But to improve the quality of writing, read the masters. Can any one write a list of great writers to read..

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