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I’ve found a solution to a problem that seems part of the reason why so many people aren’t enjoying life at its fullest. Or maybe, it’s just my perspective.

In the past, I believed that my skills made me superior to others. Although these abilities were not always useful in daily life, it felt great to use them. Society tends to group people with similar interests and skills, which led me to view others as challenges that I needed to overcome.

However, as time passed, I began to see people with different skills than mine, which made me feel small and made it harder to beat them at their own game. I realized that simply knowing I was better was not enough, and that growth without a goal was an endless battle that led me to lose my strength.

I had to start over, do things differently, and see people for who they really are. I began to appreciate that I am not the only one responsible for the future and that every person can teach me something. It was a huge change that had to start in my head.

Initially, I thought that everyone in my path had to feel like they were winning against me. However, losing felt better than I thought, and I began to focus on acquiring knowledge and understanding myself better. Over time, I learned that growth comes from a real understanding of the importance of all living creatures.

Knowledge may lead to humility, but it is not a requirement. I have met people who have offered their hand to strangers without power or knowledge, and it has inspired me. After being corrupted by power, I learned that I do not need to understand that ignorance is a virtue to make use of that virtue.

  1. I liked reading this article. But I am not able to grasp the meaning of last line, what does it mean? I can understand the feeling but I am not able to put it into simple words so my mind can process and remember the learning. Can you explain? Thanks.

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There must be a way for us to enjoy live and all its prices without been lured into a trap that ends up destroying our happiness.